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Are you in need of a loan but it’s been rough trying to find a lender that will approve you? Do you have bad credit and you don’t know where to go for help? Luckily Qik Car Title Loans in Fresno can get you the help that you need! We can help you get access to an immediate cash pool through the equity on your car. Qik Car Title Loans in Fresno offer solutions that may leave you wondering why you didn’t come to us in the first place. Erratic loan payments, bad loan portfolios and bankruptcy blues are not problems for us. We can help you get the loan you need–fast and simple!

Unlike big banks we are not concerned with your financial background, whether good or bad. But the main factor for a car title loan is the COLLATERAL VALUE OF YOUR VEHICLE. Every car, truck, or motorcycle has equity that we help you utilize to your immediate needs. There are no glass ceilings on our car title loans; your car value, professionally assessed, determines how much you take home. The car remains with you, the key remains in your custody, and we help you seize the opportunity to drive home with cash in your pockets – cash delivered with express speed in 15 to 45 minutes. AND, you get that cash regardless of a weak credit rating.

You can take out a car title loan if you are at least 18 years old, hold the sole title to the vehicle, have a steady income, and the car title is free of other obligations. If there’s a small loan pending or you want to refinance your loan because of our lower interest rates, we can help you out as well. As far as we are concerned, your capacity to repay the loan is more important to us than any bad burden you could be carrying.

So, what are you waiting for? Leverage your car as collateral and drive home with at least $2,600 in hand!

We have been in the business for decades and we have an awesome reputation for reliable, courteous and speedy service, and the service comes with a genuine smile. If you are up against the wall and fighting a cash crunch, all you need is the QIK Car Title Loan in Fresno to chase away your financial blues.

Want to know more about QIK Car Title Loans in Fresno? Check out our FAQ section, or call us at: (559) 257-5833, to get an instant quote on the loan amount you qualify for.

Seven ways a car title loan tackles emergency cash shortages:


Relieves you of the mounting pressure from unpaid utility bills.


Enables you to take care of unforeseen medical emergencies.


Managing funeral expenses.


Provide a working capital shortfall in your business venture.


Padding your home repair expenses.


Paying college fees.


Finish long-awaited home remodels.

Reasons Why Qik Car Title Loans Stand Out From The Rest:


Unlike competing industries, Qik Car Title Loans gives you a simple interest rate and does not do compounding interest.


Our car title loans revolve around the equity value of your car.


No need to worry about poor credit. We will not turn you down based on your financial history.


Flexible repayment terms will relieve the burden on your stressed wallet.

Instant Quote enables instant decisions: Why suffer the pangs of rejection elsewhere when QIK Car Title Loans are available online to satisfy all your needs at short notice? Give us a call to know immediately where you stand and what you get to take home for your loan.

Repeat Customers, a symbol of undying loyalty: The majority of our clients are repeat customers simply because of their positive experience with us. Our customers know that we want to help them sort out their financial problems. It is testimony to the degree of trust and faith that our customers have in us so that thousands have obtained the much needed assistance in their hour of need, and moved on to spread the good word.

Client Friendly Repayment Programs: Denying a client a loan because of a troubled financial history is not the way we do our business. We help clients by customizing our loans to match their salary or other income, and ensure they face emergencies confidently and keep the home fires burning. Our repayment plans are agreeable and very customer friendly and ensure zero default, and we never trouble our clients with background checks!

QIK Car Title Loans in Fresno will help those with bad credit even when the banks turn them away

Other lenders may not touch bad credit clients with a long pole but we embrace the poor credit customer because a poor loan history is not the focal point of our loan approval. We approve loans purely based on equity value of the vehicle.

We boast of the fastest loaning process; your loan will be approved by the time you pick up a coffee from your favorite cafe! So apply online today and give us a call to see just how fast you can get a car title loan with us! Our online application will take you less than 5 minutes to fill out!

You may be wondering how this will all work. Feel free to peruse our FAQ section where we answer all your frequently asked questions about the loan process.

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