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QIK Car Title Loans aims to answer all your frequently asked questions concerning the process of a car title loan. If you don’t see you question answered here, you can give us a call at (550) 257-5833 and one of our loan officers will be able to assist you.

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  • Give us a call at (550) 257-5833 or fill out our quick online form. Our loan officer will get in touch with you immediately.
  • Turn in your required documents: your car title, your California driver’s license, proof of your income and residency, and insurance and registration papers.
  • Get your cash! Your loan will be wired to you through your bank account or will be available to you through MoneyGram, which is available through retailers nationwide.

If you are weighed down by a cash crisis and need funds in a hurry,  QIK Car Title Loans promises you instant cash in an easy process. With our loans, you’ll even get to keep your car!

What does it take to qualify?

1. Client is required to be at least 18 years of age.

2. Vehicle must be newer than 1999.

3. Vehicle needs to be at least $2,500.00.

Is my bad credit or no credit a hurdle in getting a pawn car title loan?

Nope, not at all. Even if you had to file for bankruptcy or have a terrible credit score, we won’t count it against you. Rather, what qualifies you for the loan is the equity of your vehicle. So even if you’ve declared bankruptcy in the past, but you have a vehicle that has enough equity, you will still qualify for the loan. This is the main reason why Qik Car Title Loans is an effective alternative for those who have horrible credit and could not be approved for a conventional loan. We are able to finance you through a car title loan.

How long does it take to get approved?

Our loan process is extremely easy and fast to process! Approval can take just 15 minutes! You can fill out our short application in less than 5 minutes. If you call in, we will be able to give you a fast quote for your loan estimate. When your entire application is complete and you’re approved for your loan, then you will be granted the money immediately. We want this experience to be easy and hassle-free for all our clients.

Should my car be loan free, lien free?

Yes, your car title must be under your name in order to prove sole ownership of the vehicle.

What documents do I need for the loan process?
  • Your car vehicle title
  • Insurance and registration papers
  • A California driver’s license
  • Proof of income and residency
Can I get a title loan if I don't have a job?

Yes, we cover your needs too. If you are unemployed but you are still receiving an income of at least $1,500 than you can still qualify for a loan with us. If you are drawing assistance from the state authorized bodies or social security you can submit relevant certifications from the Department of Social Services or the Social Security Administration.

What is a car title loan?

A car title loan is a short-term loan that is based off of the equity of your vehicle. Qik Car Title Loans creates an opportunity for your to receive a loan using your vehicle as collateral. So even though you’ll have a lien on your car, you’ll still be able to keep it and drive it. Once your loan is paid, we’ll return your vehicle title and your vehicle will be release from the lien. Car title loans are often referred to as pink slip loans, vehicle title loans, auto title loans, or title loans.

How much can I get for a loan?

The quantity you can receive relies on the market value of your car. How much money you are able to borrow against your auto varies in depending on the cost of your vehicle. Different things such as the make, model, year, mileage and also the state of your vehicle makes a difference in its market value. Our loan officers will be able to provide a quick quote on the phone. This quote is available to you free of charge. Go ahead and give us a call today to see how much you can get!

What is the minimum loan amount?

The minimum car title loan is $2,500 in California.

In the state of Texas the minimum is $1,500.

Will I be able to drive my car?

Absolutely, you’ll get to keep your car and drive it. Even though there is a lien on your car, you will still be able to do everything you need to do with it in your possession. Although we hold the vehicle’s title, we will return the title to you once your loan is paid off.

Do you conduct background checks and credit reports?

Only in exceptional cases, and this is not the rule for all our loans. Having bad credit, no credit or poor loan track record will not bar a client from seeking title loan assistance, and many distressed clients have actually strengthened their finances by getting a loan with us.

What is the maximum loan that I can get?

Depending on your vehicle, you can get a loan of up to $30,000 which is the state maximum.

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